Gold for 2015. Literally.


My bid to remain really on task. Make it bright and bring it everywhere.

Got the Kikki K planner earlier but contemplated between getting some Etsy-printables or just buying off the rack in popular. And yeah I ended up with the one from popular.

I realised I’m not the excessive decorating type of person, but I do need some colour and I have lotsa things to draw. Daily inspirations, newsletter layouts (plenty of rough sketches just for that!), doodles… So I have some washi on standby in one of the pouches and my go-to pens in another pouch.

This will follow me everywhere. In my new workbag for next year. Ergh. Okay. Need to get shoes that match the bag too.

Anyway, the planner has a few dividers but I’m mainly using the weekly, daily, monthly and the to-do sections.

Have a separate planner for my kiddos next year that is fully functional for teachers. That, in another post.

Planning planning…

I kid you not, planning for the house boleh buat gaduh ok. Hoosband made me draw up plans of plans of plans of plans. Ok I kid. Err. Not really.

I hated the piece of floor plan that came from HDeeBee. We plan to hack a wall and just make the kitchen a more logical place to be in. But just putting correction tape on that wall doesn’t cut it for me. So I got tracing paper and traced out the floor plan. My BFF, Li, is an interior designer and she drew the planning things onto tracing paper. Inspired by her. Then he made me draw in all the stuff we planned to have. 😐


Also made another super rough sketch of how I intend to organize my kitchen. Like… Where I want the spices to be. Where the pots and pans should be. Where the pantry will be. Where should the plates be stored. I guess it helps in telling the id what we want.

Found a couple of major defects like ponding in the common toilet and that thing to hang clothes won’t come down.

And then came the huge bummer. Changing the kitchen entrance would make it smaller. Haiyahhhhhh. Ok lor. Bo pian. Back to planning again.

Checked out ikea and other places, stumbled onto heritage/kitchen at imm and went back to planning using the ikea kitchen planner. One of the designers at heritage/kitchen was kind enough to show us the features they have. Hoosband and I were nearly drooling. Integrated kitchen modular systems and the most gorgeous colour combi ever. Definitely the dream kitchen for us.

With the dream kitchen in mind, I went back to the ikea kitchen planner. I made quite a few designs before this but that was before we saw all these problems.




One of the earlier designs. Getting a feel of the planner. Measurement all agak2. But doing this is time-consuming and addictive. You want to keep trying and doing everything until you somehow get a design you like. Feeling mcm id je. 😁 Most importantly, you get to visualize the kitchen that you have been dreaming of.

Meeting the id later today to decide on colours and see what he’s come up with…

HSH file

HSH stands for Home Sweet Home, not my husband’s initials ok. We were inspired by Kikki K’s Dream Home file that organizes everything you need in a new house. Renovation, appliances, furniture etc. But that file costs SGD$49.90 so husband told me to buy a file and sort of organize our house stuff in a similar manner.

We bought a 1-inch file initially but it got filled up with just the different pockets. Had to replace it with a 3-inch file. Divided into 5 different sections; letters/quotes/drawings, electrical works, appliances, furniture and miscellaneous.

At first, the HDeeBee letters went into the first section. But after collecting keys, those letters went into the original 1-inch file. I only kept stuff like electrical/water points and renovation notes from HDeeBee in the first section.

Our ID, K, came down to take a look at the house with us. Very minor defects found. Found a wall I really hated but he had ideas on how to work around it. So we’ll see. Meeting him again this Sunday to make more choices.

Hopefully my kitchen turns out nice. Most important part of the house. To me, at least.


Yeap! We’re getting our keys! We’re excited but not that excited. (Some of the neighbours have started sneaking in since a few weeks back and the paparazzi shots, OMG!)

Law-enforcement-officer hoosband mentioned its not a good idea to take a shot of you outside your door, displaying the unit number, and post it on social media. Constant vigilance people!

BIL works at HDeeBee so he called us on 1st October and told us free cement screeding has stopped operations. Okay. That’s an additional cost to our reno quote. But we did hear about the bad reviews. Not everything that is free is good ok.

Gotta check out the layout and the actual space we have. Went to a DBSS show flat couple of weekends back and boy, was it cramped! We’re mentally geared for our own space since cousins have been getting similar-sized flats nearby. Hopefully, not much of a difference!

That same weekend we viewed the showflat, we also… paid deposit for washer, fridge and the hob/hood/oven package. =) Anyway, MegaDiscount Store was having their bi-annual sale and prices were lower than other places we have found. It helps that MIL said she’ll sponsor the washer. Wheeee! Its a good place to check out as they have free delivery and there’s a price guarantee so you pay the lower price you deposited for if prices go up.

Anyway… Random random but I’m just hoping to have yakun’s eggs before we take our keys. Yumyum!

More updates soon!

Can’t believe I’ve been on wordpress for 6 years… =D

Articulation Avenue for Ayu…


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