Holiday updates, sort of…


So most of the June hols was spent on work.
Whoever said teachers don’t work during hols need to get shot.
By a live firing squad. And tossed into the sea. -___-

Just today, I churned out 7 section dividers. 
Yesterday, finalisations were made to the book’s front and back covers.
Still so many things pending. Haiz. Like that 2nd newsletter layout.
Feels like a lack of inspiration for that one. Too much, too little? Bah.

Also got our ID for the house and spent loads of time poring over quotations.
Looked at furniture, electrical appliances, pinned so much stuff on pinterest too.
Kinda relieved that we don’t have to buy everything.
Oven. WMF pots and pans. Rice cooker. That portable induction stove thingy.
So many things to think about…!
Kitchen layout. How to get the most possible light from our service yard window.
How to get the most possible wardrobe space in our room.
What kinds of console to get. What kinds of sofa.
Pretty much narrowed down the hob+hood, fridge and washing machine. 

Its like getting married (process) all over again!


Heheheh. So much dust!


I know. Its been a long time. Hahaha… Baik nak blog pasal Hessa’s birthday party, etc etc etc, semua tak jadi. 

I don’t have time la. And no, didn’t make time for it either. 

So kalau rajin, you’ll see an update. If not… paham-paham je la.


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Ok, time to reveal my super obsessive side, especially in house/home matters.

Have been pinning for some time about the different parts of the house where I need more structure/organization. So that’s mainly the kitchen, bathroom and our home office/studio.

My main area of concern is the kitchen. Coz it’s just sooooo small. Pfft. Went to a friend’s house in yishun and saw their BTO kitchen. I swear, my brain went on shutdown. It’s tiny! And you know how most BTO will have similar sized rooms. Gah.

Anyway, have mostly planned for a galley kitchen with one side being 2ft in depth and the other just 1ft. Hopefully it works out. Or maybe stick to the 2ft on either side idea, just… One side without top cabinets? Help!

20130919-102224.jpgpicture taken from

We decided on this colour scheme for the kitchen coz of this picture. And when we went to ikea, we saw a similar looking concept albeit with a much darker grey shade. But it is definitely gorgeous. Sigh!

Then after pinning numerous kitchen ideas, I thought of having our dining area as a breakfast nook. Pin pin pin and… I saw this!

Picture taken from

It’s a sign! Hurhur! Ok, not ok with the floral design on the backrest. But the rest, it’s just soooo soothing to my eyes.

I might change my mind again later but so far, this is IT for the kitchen and dining colour scheme! *throws confetti*