More items off the list! 

My pump arrived last week and I had a few silly moments together with a colleague coz we were both wondering how to charge our M1s. 😂😂😂 Totally didn’t help that the manual is in Korean. So far, so good, it’s quite small, quiet and the suction is good! 👍 Got myself the T-connector and another breast shield set so I can pump both sides at a time. 

Eyeing a black double compartment Autumnz cooler bag. But that one can get later la. Together with all the breast milk storage bags/containers. And nursing bras. Any recommendations? Really have no idea where I kept my old ones… Hmmm. 

Used my JJB Be Prepared today and I’m seriously so happy about it. Gotta love the mummy pocket and the key fob provided. No more digging around for my keys! Anyway, loving my Be large set piece. Can’t wait to try out the Be Quick. Heheh! 

My last visit to the gynae was uneventful but my mum found it an experience coz I made her take public and the shuttle bus with me and Hessa. Lol! Guess who enjoyed the visit the most? Yup, Hessa! 


She totally treated the TPS waiting area like her home. 😅 

Good news, Adik has gone head down as compared to her breech position before. Bad news, she’s head down, very low and engaged. No wonder I’ve been waddling around. And all the pains, 😱. Been getting dizzy spells and breathless super easy lately. A walk to work from my mum’s place used to take 5 minutes. Now it takes 10-15 minutes and I’m still breathless half an hour later. 

Supposed to use the hols to rest but there’s just sooooo much to do. I keep telling myself to just take it a day at a time. Some days are good, some days I’m just in bed and le husband takes over the house. He even cooks! Haha, he says it’s fun. 😘

I’m tired and pale a lot, which really sucks. But that drive or instinct to get everything I can done asap before adik arrives is really strong. Please stay inside and cook a lil longer ok Adik? End of July or early August seems good, same birthday as me pun ok. 

Ju-ju-be Be set and Fuel Cell

Ok, I caved in to temptation and got myself the Be set and the Fuel Cell, both in the Duchess print this time. 

So the Be set comes in 3 different-sized pouches and 2 straps; a wristlet strap and a long strap that’s more for cross body. 

I packed the largest one with wipes, tissues, diapers and mosquito patches.  Just a Hessa essentials bag for now. 


 The medium pouch, I used it for my own things. :) Staff pass, csc card, red pen, blue pen, phone charger, phone, earpiece, thumbdrives, small tin of pins and brooches, home keys and some money. I attached the long strap so it’s something that is actually on me all the time. 


Yeah it fits everything stated and can still zip well. 😁😁😁 Colleagues saw me carrying it around and commented on how convenient it was to have everything nearby. Especially since we walk around a lot, need our hands to carry other things, a crossbody bag is great! Can even swap the large pouch with the medium one if you have more things to carry. 😁

I use the small pouch as a card holder and Hessa’s hair accessories holder. 

There are packing videos available on YouTube about how other mummies, usually US-based, pack their diaper bags and how they use their Be sets. 

So far, the fuel cell has not been in use. I got it in advance for transporting AdikH’s milk or to carry my pump around. Hurhur. 

I’m actually waiting for the Countess to be available in the Be set. Can’t have too many multi-functional pouches, can you? 😂

More ju-ju-be ramblings…

Yesterday’s plan was to head to the Philips’ sale, get bottles for Hessa and AdikH if they were cheaper and get some much-needed stretch mark oil for me.

Once we arrived at Philips’ though, the crowd was horrible. Plus the fact that I’m slow-waddling around and with Hessa in tow, not a good idea at all. That girl just doesn’t do well in crowds. Pfft.

So off we went to get dinner and then headed to Marina Square which has both Kiddy Palace and Mothercare. Compared prices for pumps since I’m there and with the husband around, easier coz I can’t reach everything. 😁 I’ve been stalking, err, looking for better deals to get a pump and finally have my heart set on the Spectra M1. Long story short, price and noise is very important to me. Might even get the freemie cups for when I get back to work, InsyaAllah. So yeah, agreed that buying in-store was just not practical when online sells it for so much cheaper.

Got what I wanted plus 2 packs of AdikH newborn clothes. My mum was saying AdikH mcm kesian coz most of her clothes are hand-me-downs from Hessa. Hurhur. Please ah, my mum has already gotten AdikH a toy, much to Hessa’s chagrin. LOL. We’ll see how she shares her Oma.

Hubby wanted to look for Maternity Exchange coz that was the place we can actually see the diaper bags in person and also where he bought the SkipHop slingbag. Initially thought it wasn’t in MarinaSquare anymore, too much renovation going on there, until we spotted it a bit further off from Marks&Spencer. Stepped in and tada! The Ju-ju-be bags were on display!

They had the Nautical collection in the BFF and Be Prepared versions. Those bags are really big in person. We asked to see the Be Right Back and the sales lady showed us all the compartments available in it. Got hubby to try wearing it and then I asked if they had the Legacy collection in BRB. Apparently, they only brought in the Queen of the Nile print and the Admiral. Admiral was sold out so she brought out the Queen of the Nile BRB. OMG! When you look at it online, you’re not really sure coz of the print and it kinda makes you think it blurs into a grey. But when you see it in person, its really that gorgeous. And hubby got it for me! Wheeeeeeeeee!


Got home and gushed over it. LOL. Seriously, the material is awesome whilst being light. I know Enn has been complaining about her MBMJ being heavy even without anything inside it… And then I went to the Ju-ju-be website and saw new prints in the Legacy collection! *jaw-dropping moment*

Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 10.48.10 am Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 10.48.50 am Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 10.52.54 am Screen Shot 2015-05-16 at 10.54.36 am

The plain black ones are called The Monarch and the ones with the hexagonal print are called the Countess. Le sigh! And they finally came out with the gold stroller clips! Soooooo prettyyyyyyyyy!

After posting the photo of the BRB on instagram, I realised I’m not the only JJB fanatic/stalker around. There are plenty around, especially in my own circle of friends. Ju-ju-be, we want moreeeee! ♥♥♥♥♥

Sisters’ Day Out

I just had to have my Triple Nutella from fluff so since the husband was busy and working long hours, got my sister to accompany me. 

Oh btw, I’ve never been to Yellow Submarine so getting to taste their fries was absolutely yummmmmmy! We had that for lunch before heading to fluff. Thankfully headed to fluff straight after lunch coz it was sold out by 3.30-ish! 😱 Guy in front of us bought 22 cupcakes! We bought… 3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then we headed to Bugis+ to collect our movie tickets. Avengers! And the lil one in my tummy was kept happy by all sorts of food and snacks. My sister is amazed by the amount of food I eat. Sneakily ate the cupcake at CBTL coz we couldn’t find seats anywhere else! Hurhur!

Been getting random comments from my colleagues about how I look further along than 5+ months. Like how my tummy suddenly popped into view. Still not getting seats on the train though, hmmphh. I’m definitely much bigger than when I was preggy with Hessa. Sleeping better and really eating so much more. But the last appt  weight measurement, I only gained about 3kg. I look like I’ve gained more though. Gynae mentioned this one is gonna be a big one… 

Hessa seems to be coming along just fine in the being a big sister department. Had a few friends over and she enjoys Baby Sarah most. Helped to pat the baby to sleep and to wipe away all the baby drool. Laughing merrily whenever the baby blew wet raspberries. I even got her a book, since she loves books, about being a big sister. 

She says she’s Kakak now. 😍 

It’s a… 


So looks like there may be a #3. Huahuahua… Ok, not any time soon ok Syafrein. Wasn’t so excited to be looking at baby stuff until we knew gender. But now, now I’m excited. 😁

First up, definitely need a baby carrier. Still so miffed we lost our ergobaby. Then since we’ll be babywearing, and with Hessa in tow, yes, I want a backpack. Specifically, this one…


Gorgeous! They have this Legacy collection and in other shapes and sizes which are just as gorgeous too! Ok, Syafrein bought a skiphop diaper bag but it’s a sling and it’s actually not as roomy as we thought it’d be. Neither is it pretty. I ended up putting Hessa’s stuff in my longchamp bags. Totally love the fact that they have matching insulator bags and bibs and ok… Sounding a bit preggy-psycho but it’s just all so prettyyyyyyyy! 

Only problem so far is that it doesn’t ship direct and the places that are selling it here are kinda oos. Pfft. 

Crib and playpen are settled, strollers also. Sterilizers also settled. One in each home. Huahuahua. Newborn clothes and stuff definitely need to buy. Thinking of just getting a whole bunch from Carter’s. Then ship the whole set over here. Hmmm. 

Ok definitely making a wishlist. For baby stuff mostly (can also be named as stuff a vain mother would love). 😁

Articulation Avenue for Ayu…


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