Sisters’ Day Out

I just had to have my Triple Nutella from fluff so since the husband was busy and working long hours, got my sister to accompany me. 

Oh btw, I’ve never been to Yellow Submarine so getting to taste their fries was absolutely yummmmmmy! We had that for lunch before heading to fluff. Thankfully headed to fluff straight after lunch coz it was sold out by 3.30-ish! 😱 Guy in front of us bought 22 cupcakes! We bought… 3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then we headed to Bugis+ to collect our movie tickets. Avengers! And the lil one in my tummy was kept happy by all sorts of food and snacks. My sister is amazed by the amount of food I eat. Sneakily ate the cupcake at CBTL coz we couldn’t find seats anywhere else! Hurhur!

Been getting random comments from my colleagues about how I look further along than 5+ months. Like how my tummy suddenly popped into view. Still not getting seats on the train though, hmmphh. I’m definitely much bigger than when I was preggy with Hessa. Sleeping better and really eating so much more. But the last appt  weight measurement, I only gained about 3kg. I look like I’ve gained more though. Gynae mentioned this one is gonna be a big one… 

Hessa seems to be coming along just fine in the being a big sister department. Had a few friends over and she enjoys Baby Sarah most. Helped to pat the baby to sleep and to wipe away all the baby drool. Laughing merrily whenever the baby blew wet raspberries. I even got her a book, since she loves books, about being a big sister. 

She says she’s Kakak now. 😍 

It’s a… 


So looks like there may be a #3. Huahuahua… Ok, not any time soon ok Syafrein. Wasn’t so excited to be looking at baby stuff until we knew gender. But now, now I’m excited. 😁

First up, definitely need a baby carrier. Still so miffed we lost our ergobaby. Then since we’ll be babywearing, and with Hessa in tow, yes, I want a backpack. Specifically, this one…


Gorgeous! They have this Legacy collection and in other shapes and sizes which are just as gorgeous too! Ok, Syafrein bought a skiphop diaper bag but it’s a sling and it’s actually not as roomy as we thought it’d be. Neither is it pretty. I ended up putting Hessa’s stuff in my longchamp bags. Totally love the fact that they have matching insulator bags and bibs and ok… Sounding a bit preggy-psycho but it’s just all so prettyyyyyyyy! 

Only problem so far is that it doesn’t ship direct and the places that are selling it here are kinda oos. Pfft. 

Crib and playpen are settled, strollers also. Sterilizers also settled. One in each home. Huahuahua. Newborn clothes and stuff definitely need to buy. Thinking of just getting a whole bunch from Carter’s. Then ship the whole set over here. Hmmm. 

Ok definitely making a wishlist. For baby stuff mostly (can also be named as stuff a vain mother would love). 😁

Just for our lil girl…

We had problems with Hessa adjusting to the new place, not that she wasn’t ok with it, she just missed her Oma too much. 

So we resorted to… Bribery.

Brought her to ikea and bought her the thing she wants most… The ikea kitchen playset. *burns hole in pockets* 

So now we just remind her about her “masak-masak” set and she’s all happy to go with us. 


Home sweet home

Still left with a few more things for la casa. Coffee table, side table, rugs and/or carpet for living room. Tables, shelves, chair for the home office. Side table and vanity for MBR. Setting up of play area for Hessa’s room. 

Dining set arrived a few days ago and I’m just sooooo in love! Went to so many places and all just didn’t feel… Right. Our last resort was C&B and boy, did our eyes go 😍😍😍. Sneaks on the instagram. 

Same day the dining set arrived was the day I cooked 2 dishes. And today, made baked spaghetti. Feeling very the domesticated. Heheh! Was finally able to do laundry too. Sat in front of the machine and prayed no pipes were choked. Alhamdulillah! All’s well! Haha! 

Got my eye set on a few more things… Not needs but would be great to have…

Hurhur… Shopping for the home makes me more excited nowadays! 

First night at the Syafreins’ abode…

We decided to sleep over yesterday and went to look for a suitable bedding set. Thankfully Metro was having a sale. 

We were wondering around unsure of what to get until we saw a few brands that seemed likely. Our first bedding set, was provided by Facelift for the bridal room for the wedding, and they used Hallmark. Veryyyyy comfy! We wanted something like that. Despite the sale, we didn’t want to put a hole in our pockets. Main thing was that we wanted it to be more than 500TC. 

The husband stumbled upon this pretty lil brand that had really whimsically lacy and ruffles for some of their designs and just perfect plain ones. Best of all a complete set, with duvet cover, was less that $130 after discount. It was 900TC! There was also no diff between the plain sets or those with simple embroidery. 

Follow that up with new pillows and comforter and we’re all set. Spent the night without Hessa (she was all too happy to be left with her Oma) and it was really blissful rest. It was so comfortably smooth and cooling, husband spent some time trying to get used to the ultra-smooth sheets. I? Knocked out, snoring. Lol. 

Articulation Avenue for Ayu…


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