Home sweet home

Still left with a few more things for la casa. Coffee table, side table, rugs and/or carpet for living room. Tables, shelves, chair for the home office. Side table and vanity for MBR. Setting up of play area for Hessa’s room. 

Dining set arrived a few days ago and I’m just sooooo in love! Went to so many places and all just didn’t feel… Right. Our last resort was C&B and boy, did our eyes go 😍😍😍. Sneaks on the instagram. 

Same day the dining set arrived was the day I cooked 2 dishes. And today, made baked spaghetti. Feeling very the domesticated. Heheh! Was finally able to do laundry too. Sat in front of the machine and prayed no pipes were choked. Alhamdulillah! All’s well! Haha! 

Got my eye set on a few more things… Not needs but would be great to have…

Hurhur… Shopping for the home makes me more excited nowadays! 

First night at the Syafreins’ abode…

We decided to sleep over yesterday and went to look for a suitable bedding set. Thankfully Metro was having a sale. 

We were wondering around unsure of what to get until we saw a few brands that seemed likely. Our first bedding set, was provided by Facelift for the bridal room for the wedding, and they used Hallmark. Veryyyyy comfy! We wanted something like that. Despite the sale, we didn’t want to put a hole in our pockets. Main thing was that we wanted it to be more than 500TC. 

The husband stumbled upon this pretty lil brand that had really whimsically lacy and ruffles for some of their designs and just perfect plain ones. Best of all a complete set, with duvet cover, was less that $130 after discount. It was 900TC! There was also no diff between the plain sets or those with simple embroidery. 

Follow that up with new pillows and comforter and we’re all set. Spent the night without Hessa (she was all too happy to be left with her Oma) and it was really blissful rest. It was so comfortably smooth and cooling, husband spent some time trying to get used to the ultra-smooth sheets. I? Knocked out, snoring. Lol. 

Leaky *oo*s And Itchy Skin

I dunno if I’m just happier or the baby is just giving me wonderful endorphins the whole day. My colleagues are amazed by the change in character from the previous pregnancy. 

Appetite is great! Previously, barely ate enough for myself. Lol. Only downside now is the pregnancy eczema I get. Trigger? Dust! Seafood! 😱 First trimester, no sweet stuff or I’d hurl. Second trimester is this. Allah give me lots of sabr please… 

Sleep so well I snore now. Hahahaha! Previously, I cannot sleep at all until 4am. More energy too, coz I sleep well and even sleep earlier than Hessa most nights. But I get more stuff done at work so it’s a big bonus. Weehee!

The boobies, though. They are on overdrive. Started leaking about a few weeks back. The ache, oh man! I’m wringing them out every morning and night. Hurhur. If I’m bathing with Hessa, she tries to copy me. 😂

Prepping her mentally that she will be a Kakak, so we remind her that she will have an Adik. It helps that she accepts everything and talks to my tummy every now and then. Seems she really wants to avoid upsetting me these days, I just need to pout and she will say “You’re ok, you’re ok, don’t (be) sad.” Or this morning when I asked for hugs and kisses and she was pretending to walk away, I pretended to cry and she quickly came back and said “Dah, dah.” Kissed me and even patted my head! Awwww! Insya’Allah, you will be a great big sister. 


Syafrein is the best.

He is such a wonderful father to Hessa. Plays with her, teaches her things, bathes her, gets up at night to make her midnight milk requests (haha!), hugs her, kisses her, remind her how to behave, gives her all the attention she needs. Yes, Hessa is a daddy’s girl. But she is also afraid of disappointing her papa. I used to get jealous that her reaction to her papa is so different from her reaction to me. But I thought, they have such similar traits and really really soft hearts, her papa is the best person to guide her. I step in when she gets too princess-y or whiney. Hurhur.

He is really a great husband. He helps out, he cleans, he nags at me to eat properly, he always make sure we have date nights together, he fetches me from my classes nearly every single time, he’s taken on most of the new house cleaning while I get my work/assignments done, he makes sure that he is there for me when I need him. His family is great and my parents really treat him like their own son, he got his birthday present 4 months early(!).

Even now, he quickly reminds Hessa how to show her empathy whenever I’m vomiting into a bag. He makes sure I eat, especially after my night classes. He lets me sleep when I’m not well. He tries to make sure I get food that I’m craving for. He still says he loves me when I’m all out of shape.

Yes, there’s another baby on the way and I couldn’t be more contented. If you have seen the way Syafrein treats Hessa and other kids, you would know he’s a really great daddy.

It’s a bit early to say this, but Happy Birthday darling husband of mine. You’re the best. I love you.


It’s January and already so many things have happened.

Work started. Big changes. Morning session is more like 12 hour sessions. Kids are more settled.

House is about 80% done. Need to start getting boxes and start moving things slowly. Excited but also anxious at the same time.

My daughter is speaking in sentences. Sometimes need to tell her to slow down. But I gotta love those moments where she does this

because she wants to accompany me as I do this…


Her motivation? The star stickers! Lol. Didn’t manage to complete the whole page of colouring, but demanded a sticker anyway. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, when did she grow so fast? Dunno where all the time went. I remember her being this small.

And now… She’s such a big girl!




Love you, baby… I’m gonna go and look back at more photos now…

Articulation Avenue for Ayu…


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