You Make It Real…

It has been nearly a week since my last entry.

What has happened in the space of then and now?

Many things. But let’s not worry about the unnecessary details.

All I know is that I am certainly blessed.

To have good friends and the most wonderful (but irritating) boyfriend.

Since it is a school holiday, I took the chance to spend the day with him.

LJS breakfast, hanging out at the student hub with Azzie, watching Ice Age.

Bumped into 3 of my babies and their mums outside gv.

2 were excited to see me, the other one shuddered. LOL!!!

Yeah, we watched the same movie, in the same theatre.

You can definitely hear their laughter from where I was seated.

They are really cute!

But I think the highlight of the day has got to be this…

YQ:      Ms I, Ms I, is that your husband?
Mum:  No, that’s her boyfriend.
Awak: I’m her younger brother.
Mum:  Huh? *blur*
Me:      *smacks Awak* No, he’s not my brother.
Mum:  Orhhh.

Haha… I’m looking forward to their questions tomorrow. This will be fun! LOL!

And Dear, thank you for knowing me so well. *hugs*


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