I lost my precious 6 month old iPhone on Saturday. At JP no less. Imagine the background of  the post comes with N’Sync’s Gone, ok?

That is just how much I actually have come to depend on my phone!!! I think the shock only came in at night when I was in a frenzied state because:

  1. I had no alarm to wake me up.
  2. How was anyone going to get in touch with me?
  3. How was Awak going to find me??? What if I get lost?

Yeah, brain went into overdrive. :s I couldn’t help it though. It has not been a good week. Underweight but has high cholesterol. And some other thingies. Losing the phone was really like, the last straw.

I was sad and frustrated but I couldn’t eat my favourite food man! Sucks to the core ok.

Anyway, I got myself a new phone. Was contemplating others but there was always something about it that I didnt like. So in the end, went back to iPhone. *shrug*

Now, after restoring from the backup found in my Macbook, it almost seems as though I never lost my phone. It just went through a makeover with different casing and all. And of course, I am poorer by a lot this month. Darn…

Anyway, today I had a super sweet surprise from him and Ai*dah!!! She helped me to get a box of mealworms. To add to that sweetness and thoughtfulness, she also got me a nice chocolatey drink and bread to munch on when I’m hungry! So sweet kan! Sayang Ai*dah many many many!!! He was there too, with Famous Amos cookies. Wheeee! Lub you deep deep la Awak!

The two of you really made my day. If I wasn’t so surprised I would have hugged you two! Sampai one of my kids asked why I was smiling so much when I returned back to class.

Really, with loves like these, I don’t ask for more. Thank you…


4 thoughts on “Gone…


    BUT! the mealworms are gross. pls rmb to feed them to the birds/fish before they become extremely fat and morph to the most disgusting 6-legged freaks! ergh!!!

    and one hour of talk with you juz now was extremely funnnnnnnnnn… i didnt even feel i was sitting on a dustbin HAHA.

    EHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BTW YOUR NEW IPHONE LOOKS BETTER THAN THE LAST (& less fragile)! At least I dont see white 😀

    yooooohooooo you two, next time pls rmb strawberry red tea too cos im in the same sch an session as miss I too okay? wuahahahhahahahas OK KIDDING!

  2. k then give me SWEETS pls! =)

    nah, this is just one of those days. haha. so how’s your sci lesson anyway? hope it turns out great! it better be lor! lol!

    and strawberry red tea? haha. is there another next time, Miss Idayu? haha.

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