My Memory

Memories are very important things. One cannot deny that we keep them close to our hearts.

Compare it to a game of poker, there are some who hold their cards loosely, just waiting to discard them. There are also those who keep their cards close to their chests, not wanting to let them go.

As we move into a new phase of our lives, I decided to share with everyone the very things I have kept close to my heart. My memories. I have tried my best to bring out the essence of the story without giving away too many details. The emotion behind every carefully-crafted sentence is real.

In the midst of writing this little mini-series, I re-discovered the things that I love and cherish about my other half. All the bumps in the journey we had to get this far, provides me with the strength and assurance I need to close this particular chapter in my life. As my fingers pressed the last full stop, a sense of peace washes over me.

I am ready now. A new chapter awaits.


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