From The Beginning Till Now – Part 2

At first, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to put my heart and soul into this relationship. We took things slow. Got to know the “new-er” version of us a lil better. Got to know friends on both sides. What changed then?

I guess it was the night we had to rush him to hospital. He kept vomitting, saying his stomach hurt. After a while, I suspected it was appendicitis. We tried checking but he was in too much pain. Good sense overruled and off we went to SGH. Anxious, worried. Can you believe I rembered his home number and forgot my own mobile number? He was kept so long in there, I marched up to the counter and asked to see him. My poor darling, cold, in pain and needed to be warded. I had to reassure him many times that I would be back soon. Changed clothes, packed his bag and came back, only to find out he has to go for emergency surgery. My eyes filled with tears as he got wheeled out on the gurney. Lost in my thoughts, I sat there for a while, not knowing what to do. His dad said he’s going back to work and for me to call if he’s back from surgery. I just nodded mutely.

Time seemed to crawl by. I hated it. Didn’t help that my hp batt was dying and I knew my gfs were worried. I waited. Ad waited. The nurses mentioned that he should be out of surgery at 12. But he didn’t come back until 2! The moment I saw him, I couldn’t stop touching him. His arm, his fingers, his face. He was still groggy from the anasthesia. When he finally opened his eyes and looked at me, really looked, my eyes started filling up with tears. The next words spoken remain a blissful memory in my mind.

Of course, he couldn’t remain in the house for very long and I got into trouble for accompanying him to watch a movie. Oh yes, I can still remember it. He can’t keep still for long, much less stay at home. Still pale and limping but insisting on going out, even if it’s just to Lot 1.

I know he lost a lot of weight then. But it seems as though it became easier for him to pile on the pounds after he recovered. :p We went on dates, picnics.As the days passed, it crept nearer to his birthday. I had lots in store for him. Plans were made in secret and of course little half truths were inevitable. Hee! All the little efforts made were definitely worth all the trouble. Imagine I told him I was at JP when in reality, I was at Bugis, meeting up with his friends! Hahahaha.

I guess we both like making each other happy. Even though we don’t celebrate Valentine’s, he wanted to make it a special occasion. So I got dressed and was horribly late. He kept calling and calling. Turned out, he had dinner reservations for 2 at Straits Kitchen. And on my seat, was this paper bag with a ribboned box, a small package, a felt flower and a card. Awww. The magical night got even sweeter when he asked if all his efforts that night was enough. Enough? More than enough! But, with a flourish, he produced a jewelery box from his pocket. I froze. When he slipped the ring on, I could only smile. Making me speechless is a big deal, ok, I talk a lot. Heh.

Then there was my birthday. Woowee! That was a shocker. =p He managed to conjure up a surprise birthday party for me at my own house. Tsktsk, I didn’t even suspect a thing! At the very least, I know my darling boyfriend is one who loves making me smile, no matter the expense.

Of course, it wasn’t all peaches and cream for us. There were things we had to learn to go through together, things that nearly broke us, things that caused us to stumble and fall.

But just look where we are now baby...

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