From The Beginning Till Now – Part 3

It’s funny isn’t it , how three years have come and gone. Being in this relationship has not exactly been a bed of roses. Granted, even roses have thorns.  We have definitely been through a lot of difficult situations. Issues dealing with trust, time management and many other small things. My temper, my tendency to feel before I think, him being oblivious, always being late… The list seems endless sometimes. We both have our own deficits.

It takes a lot to admit that he has always been the one giving me hope. He has never given up on me, not once. Sure, there were disappointments. But it takes both of us together to get through it. He doesn’t realise it, but the things that he say to me will always be playing in my mind. He knows the best ways to make me smile and forget about the unhappiness. He tries his best to make me happy, all the time.

Sometimes, I forget. I forget to appreciate him and everything that he has done for me. I forget to show him how much he really means to me. I forget everything that we have gone through and everything we have sacrificed to get this far. I let my temper get in the way of what really matters. I let my pride dictate my mouth. And I forget, I forget that I’m not the only one who’s hurting.

Yet, through it all, he has been there. He makes me smile, he makes me laugh. He knows and accepts me for who I am, faults and all. He makes sure we don’t go to sleep angry. He knows just how to get me annoyed. He knows the best ways to calm me down. He knows what soothes me. He still makes me feel like there’s nobody else around us when he holds me close.

That darling of mine is still the one who irritates the crap out of me, forever a cerminmatesenget and forever selenger. But. He is the one my heart chose. And I know, he loves me just the same. I’m the one he wants to see the most at the airport before and after every overseas trip. I’m the one he worries about the most. I’m the one at the other end of the phoneline, listening to his new creations, his day, his problems. I’m the one who’s a priority in his life. I’m the one he says “ILY” to every day, without fail. I’m the one who has always been there for him, no matter what.

So in a few days, we’re taking this relationship to a whole new level. Insya’Allah, we’ll be just fine. We have each other and that’s what matters most.

dear Syafrein,
every step that we have taken 
together has lead us here.
know that you have always been the one
in my heart, my mind and my soul.
it has not been an easy journey
and the future will still have bumps in the road,
but i am assured that we can make it through.
with you being you and me being me.
just the way we are and have always been.
sayang awak, many many many!

2 thoughts on “From The Beginning Till Now – Part 3

  1. I look back and this entry, always gives me the strength to hold on. Reminding me what of my promises and our dreams together.

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