I Say A Little Prayer

Well, who’s to refuse when inspiration strikes right?

I’m quite a makeup fanatic.
Well, I do my research and find what is good for my face or skintone.
I have no qualms about using drugstore brands.
However, I fell in love with BB and MAC easily.

BB – excellent foundation/concealors with very nude/basic colours
MAC – range of ranbow/crazy colours and also their wonderful foundations

Bobbi Brown:
Liquid foundation,
loose powder,
eye brightener,
lip/eye palette
and my favourite,
vitamin enriched face base.

If I could have bought all, I would have!
Such pretty colours!
I had more but I gave some away.
Practicality prevailed over my wants.

teknakohl in graphblack,
penultimate eyeliner in rapidblack,
tinted lip conditioner,
select sheer/pressed powder,
lightful foundation
and an eye palette.

This is the main reason why I don’t buy eyeshadows.
Practically every shade I need is here.
If its not, I can just blend them together!
So yeah, this was a huge money saver.

I knew this was a must-buy the moment I saw it.
So terribly useful!

These are the constantly-in-use brushes.
I hated having to open and unroll my brushcase to get my brushes.
So I placed them in this little box that was actually for my MAC glossies.
Hurhur. Now they’re always in reach.

I know, this isn’t really complete.
But if I ever get the chance to do another makeup post, I’ll try to include the others.

Makeup is an experimentation process.
You will know if you like what you see in the mirror.
Of course, less is more.
But that also depends on the quality of products used, yes?


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