Concerning Hobbits

I got the green light to begin planning for post-“Dec 2011 event”. And I kept calling him to gush over this and that. It’s going to be fun, planning this, knowing the beautiful sight in store for us.

I must say I’m thankful to have it all easy, most preparations have been made, just confirmations on theme and other lil details left. Hence the planning for post-event. I’m soo excited!

Hopefully by then, I would have received enough exposure to my “Drusilla” to take wonderful shots. Drusilla, I can’t wait to get my hands on you too.

Oh yes, I went into baby-frenzy for a few hours because I was just obsessed with Adam, my cousin. Grrrr. Gonna nomnom on his thighs if they get any bigger! Why do babies smell so good? I swear I didn’t want to let him go! Was telling Syafrein I wanted my own and he said he’ll give me 10. -_-” Adaaaammm.

Smeagol, you should have known better. Once, twice maybe coincidence. But so many times? And Gollum is just too stupid to listen to logic. Wake up wake up!


2 thoughts on “Concerning Hobbits

  1. I can’t wait for the day baby. I’ll cancel ALL events just to be there witnessing your happy moment with your beloved Awak :))

    btw… Who is gollum???? The male hobbit?

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