I Like

The exhilarating feeling when you get a new toy and know how to use it well is just… priceless.

I know I really spent my money on something worthwhile. I did promise Syafrein that this will be my last camera, until after we’re married anyway.

Pictures below the cut!

Dear Drusilla, I love you loads! Heeeee~ I knew I made the right choice with you.

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4 thoughts on “I Like

    • still have loads more to learn la darl…
      no point getting a dslr but dunno how to fully utilise it, no matter how expensive it may be, right?

      i love you many many too babe… *muacks*


    Yuupppps, dont bother buying any if all you take are blurry pictures. LOL gooon doo pootzzz. Might as well just use a digital camera.

    And I know youre a FAST learner.
    No wonder pple jealous. OH WELLS.

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