Nosey moley

Taken off my multiply entry after I found a very thick-skinned person browsing ever TOO often.
What the hell are you looking/snooping around for?

Yeah, YOU.

Get your own life already.

I’m being nice right now.

I have absolutely no problems with being not nice too.

Don’t push your luck.

Not even he can protect you from my wrath.

You’ve been warned.

4 thoughts on “Nosey moley

  1. Ape nak buat? Org tu nak IDEAS LA!
    Did you forget dia TAK ORIGINAL LANGSUNG?
    Otak pon terlalu bengaps, cannot rely on own creative juices!
    This is sooooo funny.
    Whattttadoooo when she pales in comparison to us?????
    At least she realises it!
    Only hasnt rlly admitted to it.
    But Im guessing deep down, dia sedar.
    Yang dia buat pape kat diri dia pon, tetap BUROKS.


    this is waaaaayyyy too funny!

    da berape kali kene caught pun masih degil.
    nak kene printscreen lah the number of times she went to my multiply.
    old multiply site da kene block, ni current one pun da kene block.

    tsk tsk…

  3. org kalau kulit tebal mmg macam gitu laaa you!
    tgk ah braper kali dia CTRL+C org nye bende kene “tangkap”. org mcm gini TAK AKAN sedar diri nye. dah tau diri tu BUROK NAK MAMPZ pon belom sedar per ape lagi bende mcm gini. LOL!

    Check out all the dismatched clothes and footwear. GOODNESS. kulit gelap tu tolong laa match color betol2, bodoh!!!!!!! and the rambot, kaozzzzzzz. YUCKS YUCKS YUCKS.

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