His last birthday as a bachelor

We’ve been busier than normal so I didn’t get to meet him on his actual birthday. But I made sure the advanced wish would make him smile…

Only got to have our lil celebration yesterday. Which didn’t start well. He was uncontactable for a few hours!! Bleargh. Drove me nuts. His mum called me a few times too. Anyway, the relief was so immense when he appeared at my door.

So we had 2 jemputans to zoom to. And zoom we did. Both in Tampines. Sent his granny back to Marsiling and I nipped upstairs to change. Into a flowy dress. Hmm, no picture of flowy dress. =p Syafrein called it the Marilyn Monroe dress coz it billows up. Cheeky man.

So we had to zoom again. I made reservations for 7 o’clock but traffic was so bad we only made it at 7.20pm. Oh yes, Asian Market Cafe at Fairmont Singapore.

Food glorious food. Syafrein and I enjoyed ourselves. He gave up before I did. I didn’t manage to snap so many pics of the food and surroundings coz I was busy eating. Eat eat eat.

Chilli crab, delicious and the buns were super soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. I loved the fresh salmon and the soba. They had gorgeous oyster omelette. Close-your-eyes-in-bliss kind of gorgeous. Fresh prata, made in front of you. Duck noodles. Portugese egg tarts made fresh and still warm when you hold it. Truffle cake. Another close-your-eyes-in-bliss delicious.

I tried the salad bar. Though everything is fresh, they didn’t have the range that Earl Swensen’s has. Just pretty much an alright salad bar. I didn’t try the cold seafood either. Didn’t get any ice-cream or fruits. I think my stomach was about to burst if I did.

Great service, great food. :)) Happy us!

Happy birthday Awak! I can promise you your next birthday will be mucchhh better than this. =p Muacks. Love you!


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