Rolling in The Deep

*blows the super thick layer of dust off my blog*

Yes, I know, I have gone MIA for quite some time. But I am still alive on twitter, so if you’re looking for updates, you should look there first. *winks*

So many things to update, so excited about so many things, where should I start?

Here’s a random order from the top of my head…
– wedding
– honeymoon
– house (yeayyy!!!)

Wedding preps are underway. Everything booked, and I do mean, everything has been booked. Its fun and stressful at the same time, planning a wedding. But. At least I can say my parents and I have been pretty easygoing throughout this process so far.

Decor settled, can’t wait to see what M has in store for me. Picked out the themes and colours I wanted. :))) Food is pretty much settled also. Layout was just emailed to me a few hours ago and I am a happy bee! Hahaha. Picked out our outfits for event and the shoots, yeay! We didn’t take too long to choose those despite not really knowing what to choose. Cake design settled, invites settled (just waiting for the mockup before it gets fedex-ed over), maid of honour and bridesmaids and entourage settled. Can you tell I am soooooo happy most things are out of my hair? Now, if only I can snap my fingers and my room will look as good as new… Dream on! Hahaha…

Ok next, honeymoon! Or what my gfs have been referring to as horny-moon. Yeah yeah. Whatever. Syafrein and I found this really gorgeous place with really great amenities and just soooo perfect for a honeymoon. Booked it on the spot and settled our flight tickets the same night coz we just couldn’t wait for the natas fair. Anyway, doubt that place would be on offer during natas. But yeah! Honeymoon booked! Happy or what? Keep daydreaming over the place. Wanna take nice nice pictures… But I need better lenses for my camera… *pouts* Hopefully the hubby relents to me getting that lens I’ve been eyeing. Oh yes! Enn gave us a project while we’re honeymooning. Erm, not baby project but something else. We’ll see if it works out… =p

House! My favourite part! Hooray! Finally! I think we were about to give up and just settle for resale but we won’t have that much funds for the cov right? Tried our luck and we got our house. Pro: near our friends. Con: not in jurong area so I might have to transfer to another school. Will see how it goes. We are already looking at design ideas for the kitchen. Kitchen first ok, most important part of my home. Hee! And shoe racks, to hide my Imelda Marcos’ tendencies. We even saw an oil painting that was just right for us to hang in the living room. Exciting exciting exciting…

Yup pretty long update. Been thinking about all this the entire day so I just needed to blurt it all out. Oh yes, for my girlfriends, who have been asking what I would like for my birthday, I want bikinis! Lol! Yup, definitely bikinis! I have a few but I could do with a few more… Whee!

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