Do you?

It has been a really trying and eventful week. I just had to get it all off my chest and hopefully, out of my mind. The bad stuff, that is. Bear with me if my post starts getting all long and rambling alright?

So far my wedding preparations have been pretty smooth sailing. I love the J team for making everything so easy for me. Syafrein’s experience hasn’t been that good. Ok, if you’re connected somehow to our twitter/facebook, you’d know about the wedding cards fiasco. Long story short, never trust any company that asks for 50% deposit and does nothing to follow up on their clients.

Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t open my mouth to talk back to those disgustingly crooked creatures. Probably because he was already so mad and upset and someone needed to keep him calm. My poor darling. I’m sure retribution will come, in one form or another, for them.

Then there’s work. Oh boy oh boy. If I could just articulate all the things that have been weighing down on me because of that, this entry will never end! Just so glad I have wonderful darling colleagues with me, who will always give me their support.

And then there’s… Oh well. Happy things! So I wanted to get rid of all the negativity surrounding me this past week. Who wants to be a tired-looking bride? Not me! I signed up for a bridal package. Steep but when you count the number of treatments altogether, yeah, money well-spent. I’m just looking forward to pampering myself to the fullest, no matter how busy I get. I’m sure Syafrein is going to appreciate all the perks, come December. Heh!

Dear Syafrein, I know things will work out just fine. As long as we have each other. Suddenly I’m wishing its already December and we’re on our flight to our honeymoon destination. =) Counting down counting down… Happily counting down.


4 thoughts on “Do you?

  1. Of course I am going to appreciate it. You are not only doing it for yourself, but for me as well!
    Thank you awak…it has been a trying week especially just now.Thanks for being there.

    Yes awak,i’m sure things will work out fine for us.I believe in it.

    I love you!

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