If This Was A Movie

Its here. The excitement, the stress, the missing him so badly. It’s all here.

Oklah I thought I would be bridezilla. I honestly thought so! Then I realized what great vendors I have so it wasn’t necessary to be one. I’m super excited to see what’s gonna happen on that day…

Anyway… Excitement! Very very very! Been going for my spa treatments, always feel like a big ultrasoft puddle of goo after every session. Then, there’s combing ikea for Syafrein’s workspace. We ended up discussing our workspace/kitchen in the new house more than looking for his workspace! Haha!

There’s also the stress/excitement for the new bedroom set coming in in just a few days! Omg! Clearing all the things, such a pain! Thankfully he came and helped me clear most of it. The only memories that matter are those made with him. In short, throw away the rest. Heh! So we’re painting this weekend! Hoorahh!!

Excitement aside, I guess we didn’t fully anticipate the different chapters in life we have to close. For me, that chapter is done and over with. I know Syafrein is relieved. For him, settled. I’m glad. Of course, I’m not the kind to keep what’s not mine or intended for me. 🙂

I’m really looking forward. To the ceremony (have a feeling I’m gonna cry coz I’m cengeng like that!), the whole event, the photoshoot, the honeymoon, the whole adjusting-to-each-others-quirks, being with friends and family, starting our own family, our own house, a whole lifetime of new memories to create and keep, insya-Allah!


One thought on “If This Was A Movie

  1. Dear awaknyer,
    I look forward to spending a lifetime creating new beautiful memories with you. I wish that we have a blissful marriage till death do us part. We have each other to count on. I love you and that’s what matters.

    Your awak.

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