Sawadeekap – Day 1

Sawadeekap! Greetings from Baray Villa, Sawasdee Village.

We landed at approximately 2.15pm, Phuket time. All excited and raring to go see our villa. It took about an hour’s drive to get to Kata area from the airport. The first thing that struck me was that it was soooo clean! You know how we go to our nearest neighbour and we see rubbish a lot? You don’t find that here. Hmm, wonder how they achieve that… I think its cleaner than our homeland sometimes.

Arrived at Baray Villa and was immediately led to our lil haven away from home. Ora, our personal assistant, introduced all the facilities to us.

footspa hidden underneath the wooden boards
huge and gorgeous bed plus a mac mimi connected to another huge screen, with wireless mouse and keyboard

Gorgeous no? A few pics are blurred coz we’re not used to the new camera. After using a dslr, using a point-and-shoot is seriously waayyy too light. The pics get better though, I think. Heh.

More coming up soon!


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