Then there were three…

Yupp… We’re pregnant!
Started feeling out of sorts after we came back from Phuket.
The symptoms were just there and I just knew, somehow.
He was telling me not to get my hopes up too high but…
he was the most excited person once it was confirmed.
So cute la you Syafrein.

Just 2 days later, he left for Germany.
I literally moped around the house and just missed him sooo much.
Even had to sleep with his tshirt.
The mister had a pregnancy app in his phone to track the baby’s progress
and kept calling it by the different items its’ size resembled.
Pea, blueberry etc etc…

Baby is now approaching 2nd trimester and we couldn’t be happier.
Cravings and nausea and toilet runs, I had them all.
Discovered which types of food to stay away from and which types are my new favorites.
He has been with me every step of the way, helping to fulfill all the cravings.
So sayang this hoosband of mine.
Seems like he’s getting even sweeter lately.

Just last week, I had my first kick.
Hahaha… Gave me the shock of my life.
Enn had the chance to feel the lil flutters but I think baby is extra shy with Syafrein.
Or just extra manja… *ponders*
Maybe baby knows I’m the garang one.
But seeing him/her moving and waving his/her hands,
felt like nothing short of a miracle.
Just awe-inspiring.
You’d be moved too.

So hopefully, God willing, the little one will grow healthily and happily.
Mummy already loves you to pieces baby.
Papa does too.
We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Thank You for this unexpected gift of life and love.
Thank You.





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