Safe and sound

Random parts here and there. Bear with me please.

Today marks an important milestone in the little one’s progress. 16 weeks checkup and everything is all ok, alhamdulillah! Caught a very quick glance at the possible gender but when the doc went back to the same spot, legs were crossed. Its ok baby, we’ll see you again next month.

2 new births and news of another colleague with a bun in the oven. But with life, there is also death. Singapore’s Tom Jones passed away this morning. FIL’s good friend and he sang at our wedding with such gusto. We’re going to remember you Wak Mail. Thanks for the memories. Al-Fateha.

You know how we know some things but it doesn’t seem to fully resonate within until something happens? Yeah, that happened to me. I’m calmer than I thought I would be. Above all, my love for that person has just grown exponentially. Not because of what happened, but because, despite it all, you’re strong and beautiful and so selfless. I already loved you but now, that love’s just gotten bigger. I’m not making much sense, am I?

I guess, throughout the day, I am going to just reassure myself, the husband and the lil one that everything will be alright. If He brings us to it, He will guide us through it, insya-Allah.

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