What it takes…

It’s been quite a few weeks since the last baby update. The lil one or si kecik has been doing very well. Healthy and on the big scale. Yeah, big. 🙂

Btw, it’s a girl! More people predicted we would be getting a girl than a boy, maybe they have been around pregnant women more. But we’re both glad. Well, Syafrein wanted a boy but hey, the sperm decides the gender so he can’t find any fault with that! Lol.

Yeah, so why am I awake at 5.40 am typing an entry? Coz kecik (not-so-kecik) is doing all sorts of stunts inside the tummy now. It’s only been a week or so that we’ve felt her movements but she seems to know when to wake me up. Like around 5 plus am so I can wake her papa up for work. Prob is sometimes he doesn’t need to wake up early and mummy is stuck with eyebags and dark rings.

I’m not sure how to describe the wonder that comes when she’s moving around inside and kicking and punching up a storm. How did she get that big that fast? The miracle of life and feeling it inside me… Just wonderful.

As much as I’m enjoying it, I do miss having the extra energy. Being tired is no joke. I’m really glad she’s resting while I’m working coz when she isn’t, I start to get very exhausted. Would I ever wanna replace the exhaustion though? No way!

Of course pregnancy comes with being emotional and hormonal, whiny and pouty, hey I’ve got double the girl hormones! Yeah, poor Syafrein. I’ve got a feeling kecik is gonna have him wrapped tight around her lil finger… Hee!

I’ve been asking him questions like
-> am I fat?
-> do I still look pretty?
-> are my fingers fatter?
Questions I’ve never asked before. But he seems to handle them quite well.

I’m just glad for the strong support system in terms of family and friends that we both have. Oma is very excited and has purchased kecik’s first outfit. I’m itching to shop but Syafrein’s been holding me back. *growls* There’s just sooo many cute pieces and lil dresses and shoes and hats!

I do find myself talking to kecik more often nowadays. Like ask/tell her what she’s up to, not to kick me there, mummy needs to sleep, we’ll be eating soon, etc etc. Oma tells her to behave when mummy is at work and papa tells her not to make mummy so tired and let me sleep.

Sleep. Oh yeah she’s still kicking as I type. But my eyes are gonna be all panda-like so let’s see how much rest I can get before I gotta get up for work…



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