Kicks, punches and rolls…

Lately it seems that Kecik has been getting more energetic and exploring more places in my tummy. Sometimes, you can feel movements from the left and right side at the same time!

It doesn’t seem like a very big tummy to most but after being 6 months along, I’m definitely going to enjoy every little kick, punch and roll. Somehow she makes everything worthwhile, the sleepless nights, the torrible (terrible+horrible) leg cramps, the overwhelming heat…

I’m determined to shop for her essentials soon. Doesn’t help that her Oma is making me jealous by constantly shopping for her clothes. Geramzz ok?! Will be getting some hand-me-downs from Auntie Mala and Tatie too.

Ok, diverting a bit here, there’s this myth that if you hold another baby and it’s of the same gender, the baby will cry and not want to be held by you. Or something along that line. I’ve been holding Mysha, Hadirah and even baby boys, and all seem to be ok je. Or, maybe, Kecik is just as friendly as I was!

Shopping list for next week’s shopping trip with Oma and Godma Enn has been prepared and sent ahead. Hopefully, Kecik behaves and won’t be doing some vigorous stunts while we’re shopping. šŸ™‚

She seems to know I’m blogging about her. Been kicking since I started.


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