Jumps, squeals, hugs, kisses!

I’m a happy goober. Really really really happy. So thankful to Him for giving me such a loving husband.

He had asked me earlier what I would like for my birthday and I asked for the 35mm lens… I honestly thought that was it until he brought out the small card with a sephora mini bag attached. Shopping voucher!!! He really knows his wife so well la…

Then he showed me this little note on his phone from kecik… I melted into a huge gooey puddle. I had been looking for an album to put all the scrapbooking works in. And they got me a huge one!

Alhamdulillah! Add to that fact I was already squealing away when I saw the card and sephora vouchers. Rare for me to squeal ok.

Dear Allah, thank You for choosing Hairul Syafrein as my life partner. May he have a blessed life ahead, as a husband, father and man. Insya’Allah, amin!

Pictures below! Please excuse the glimpses of my masam face. It was midnight. Heh!




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