Sigma Brushes – Mr. Bunny Essential Brush Kit

2 posts in a day! Hooray! But I do feel this parcel warrants an immediate unboxing with pictures! Not a full review yet. Just first impressions…

This is my birthday treat to myself this year and I’m just so over the moon that it arrived exactly on my birthdate!

Okay, so the white box opens and there’s a Sigma catalogue, a free gift (eyeshadow samples) and the brushes.
Colours from the sample are very wearable and I’m excited to try it out but we’ll see when that happens.

The actual brush box opens to a cylindrical container and a pamphlet. It tells you the different types of brushes included and what it is used for. I got the Mr. Bunny range coz they use synthetic fibers. Don’t wanna know what animal hair is being used for other collections really. Anyway the bristles are the same as the Sigmax HD brushes, which supposedly will give a flawless finish and not absorb excess product.

All the brushes came individually wrapped and the bigger face brushes even have protectors that help to retain their shape. Face brushes are labelled with an F eg. F30 brush. Eye brushes with an E. You get the idea I’m sure.

The brushes look similar to MAC brushes but they have Sigma engraved into the metal part and each brush labelled with the name and the brand. Pretty fancy looking. Just makes you feel more excited to use them!

So I will be doing a review once I have used them. No promises on when it will happen yet. Heh.

Enjoy the pictures!

Remember, when it comes to makeup, sharing is caring! Muacks!











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