Endless Love, Cookies, Laundry Washes

If you have been following me on instagram, you’d know its been quite a hectic period because kecik has been giving me contractions and braxton hicks. MIL just told us yesterday that kecik’s papa was delivered at 35 weeks. *gasp* No ah, we’re ready but NOT THAT ready yet for you to come out.

Raya approaching and okay, halfhearted attempts to get ready for it. Got our outfits in record time. Curtains and reorganizing the room, seemed more important. Oh yeah, must tell Syafrein to get the crib delivered soon. Everything else is ready right? Right? Err…

Hospital bag packed, half of kecik’s clothes washed. Oh yeah, gotta finish washing the rest. Gonna put that down on the “still to-do” list.

I guess the most exciting part of this year’s celebration is that I’m a married woman now and baking loads of goodies with my mum and sis. Loads and loads of sweet stuff and the kitchen kinda looks like a kueh store. So so so glad for daddy’s birthday present to mum, a kitchen aid! Really came in super useful, especially for the meringues. Not as quick as I usually am in the kitchen coz of the bump though…

Anyway, I put my birthday present to wonderful use! New lens for taking portrait pics of people, baby, cookies and makeup! Gonna print out cookie pics and place them in my new recipe book. Heh…

Okay, random random thoughts. Scattered all over. Oppsie. Will come back with a proper entry once I’ve got my thoughts in order.


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