37 weeks and 3cm dilated!

Syafrein and I were joking about when the lil one would decide to make her appearance. I mentioned that maybe I might just be admitted at the next obgyn appointment. Well, it was close!

Did the swab test and then checked my cervix, even Dr Khoo was surprised that I was already 3 cm dilated. The look on Syafrein’s face was priceless. Anyway, we could go home but would have to come back soon, sometime within the next few days or next week. 

So yes… Thankful that the crib was delivered and assembled today. I think that’s one of the last things that we needed. Gonna get her beddings set up as soon as possible too. As I had suspected, this little one can’t wait to come out and see the world. Her papa keeps pleading for her to hang on inside, so that he can get ready his arrangements. Well, she decides when she wants to come out…

And I’ve got a feeling she’s gonna come pretty soon… Who knows the next post might be about her birth? =)

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