So my current routine is basically sleep, feed, sleep, feed, eat, feed, bathe, feed… Ok you get the idea. My routine revolves around Hessa. There are times that I can’t seem to shut my eyes when she’s napping. So I resort to eye-shopping.

What is eye-shopping? It’s looking at all the things/food that you can’t get to and making lists of things that you wish to get when you can.

It’s not the same as shopping online. Shopping online means you can get the things you want, just not so quickly. Those online shops like Carter’s and ThePopLook deliver within a few days to a week usually. They don’t require your presence in the actual store or browsing through the items and trying it on or tasting it.

If you know me well, I’m quite a foodie. I look small but I eat a lot. So I’ve made a list of the things I want to eat once confinement is over.

Same goes for actual shopping. Itching to shop. I need clothes that are BF-friendly, need more flats, new jeans. Then there are the bags. Yeah, I think I deserve a really really really nice bag this year.

So was eye-shopping and came across a few options. Basically I needed a black IT bag. Was inclined towards Prada for their never-go-wrong black bags…



Then I browsed through an app on my phone and just put in black as the main search term under handbags and this came up!


Well, looks like Prada can wait. I want the Chloé Marcie! But then again, I still have 22 more days to get through. Might change my mind again. And again. And again. We’ll just see what I get when December comes…


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