The Climb

I got the provisional acceptance! Woohoo!

Oklah no big deal for some or most but I really thought that my A levels fiasco was gonna cost me something big…

Gosh, still remember a certain tutor’s words to “stop being so lackadaisical!”, complete with British accent. (And the actual tutor who was British, sang the French national anthem for us in class.)

Throwback to Year 1, I remember same tutor saying I had so much potential, plus the fact that I did soooo well for exams. Ok, except for history. Then Year 2 came and I just pfffft. Yeah, make that sound effect in your mind. Exactly like that. Horrible. Slack and got lazy and just got caught up in anything and everything that didn’t matter! Tsk. Can you tell I’m still mentally slapping myself for that? *winces*

So when you’re in a job that… That’s like mine, that darn degree matters. Doing the same, if not more, work for the pay that is super measly. Yeah don’t be fooled. We are not rich. Comfortable, not. Just coping…

Especially with the lil one’s presence, I’m driven to make sure she is comfortable all the time. Yup this is me getting off my comfy laurels. For me, for Hessa, for us as a family.


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