Of back sprains and golden tickets…

Stuck in bed on a Monday coz I sprained my back. Apparently my baby counts as carrying something heavy. Sad sad. It is disconcerting to feel pain shoot up and down your back at random intervals. 😦

Anyway, I tweeted on Saturday that I caved and bought stuff from Zalora.com.sg. I got myself 2 pairs of Melissa shoes and they arrived today! Fast or what! They are so comfy too!



Was surprised to see a golden ticket included with the boxes. Entered the codes on the website and I got another 10% off storewide for my next purchase! Was secretly hoping for the $1000 store credit (so I can buy more melissa opticals) but hey, be grateful right…

Alright back to that nap. Medicine’s making me sleepyyy. Have a good week ahead y’all!


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