Student Planner from Plum Paper Designs!

This pretty organizer or planner(as the Americans say it) arrived yesterday!
Pretty excited when I saw it on etsy and got even more excited when I saw they had a teacher planner too. Heheh. Of course, I wanted a planner for my upcoming unisim first year. So student planner it was!


You can choose the cover from a variety of designs and you can even have your name printed on it!


I chose mine to start from July 2013 to June 2014. Tabs laminated in different pretty colours.


Behind each tab, you get to have a look at the whole month at a glance.


Then you have a weekly look, with boxes for the different periods(I’m planning to just write the module code under it), lists, homework, quizzes/tests…

It complements with a DIY file I made to keep track of all my notes and each module’s learning objectives. Yes I am super on like that. (Kalau dari dulu blaja macam gini kan bagus…)

Planning to get the teacher planner at the end of the year, around November, I guess. Etsy shops tend to get really busy nearing Christmas/holiday season…

*breaks out the coloured pens*


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