Just Give Me A Reason

Current earworm. Husband wanted me to try singing it. Boleh jadi semput.

Anyway, sent the mister off yesterday for his trip to France/Switzerland. Hopefully, he remembered to pack everything. I just want him to be safe and healthy and come back in one piece. Hessa doesn’t realise yet that her papa is farfarfar away. But I’m sure her papa feels that pang, despite his complains that she likes to squish against him when she sleeps.

School starting soon. Books collected. Hopefully I have someone familiar in all my classes. Keeping my fingers crossed. Really praying that I can ace the basic modules. High expectations? Not when you know you KNOW all this. Jiayo!

Party status: M&M’s bought, decorations settled, most dessert items ordered. Venue TBC and catering TBC. Papa is IC of catering. Heh. 

Work? Never-ending. *shrugs*

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