Holiday updates, sort of…

So most of the June hols was spent on work.
Whoever said teachers don’t work during hols need to get shot.
By a live firing squad. And tossed into the sea. -___-

Just today, I churned out 7 section dividers. 
Yesterday, finalisations were made to the book’s front and back covers.
Still so many things pending. Haiz. Like that 2nd newsletter layout.
Feels like a lack of inspiration for that one. Too much, too little? Bah.

Also got our ID for the house and spent loads of time poring over quotations.
Looked at furniture, electrical appliances, pinned so much stuff on pinterest too.
Kinda relieved that we don’t have to buy everything.
Oven. WMF pots and pans. Rice cooker. That portable induction stove thingy.
So many things to think about…!
Kitchen layout. How to get the most possible light from our service yard window.
How to get the most possible wardrobe space in our room.
What kinds of console to get. What kinds of sofa.
Pretty much narrowed down the hob+hood, fridge and washing machine. 

Its like getting married (process) all over again!


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