Yeap! We’re getting our keys! We’re excited but not that excited. (Some of the neighbours have started sneaking in since a few weeks back and the paparazzi shots, OMG!)

Law-enforcement-officer hoosband mentioned its not a good idea to take a shot of you outside your door, displaying the unit number, and post it on social media. Constant vigilance people!

BIL works at HDeeBee so he called us on 1st October and told us free cement screeding has stopped operations. Okay. That’s an additional cost to our reno quote. But we did hear about the bad reviews. Not everything that is free is good ok.

Gotta check out the layout and the actual space we have. Went to a DBSS show flat couple of weekends back and boy, was it cramped! We’re mentally geared for our own space since cousins have been getting similar-sized flats nearby. Hopefully, not much of a difference!

That same weekend we viewed the showflat, we also… paid deposit for washer, fridge and the hob/hood/oven package. =) Anyway, MegaDiscount Store was having their bi-annual sale and prices were lower than other places we have found. It helps that MIL said she’ll sponsor the washer. Wheeee! Its a good place to check out as they have free delivery and there’s a price guarantee so you pay the lower price you deposited for if prices go up.

Anyway… Random random but I’m just hoping to have yakun’s eggs before we take our keys. Yumyum!

More updates soon!

Can’t believe I’ve been on wordpress for 6 years… =D

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4 thoughts on “House-owners!

  1. I agree with your husband! I know it’s very menghairahkan to get a new flat so macam excited gitu nak share with friends and family on social media, but number pintu rumah is something that shouldn’t be shown sembarang sembarang. Even if your account in not public!

    Checking out MegaDiscount Store’s website now! You happen to know if the online catalogue is exactly the same as the things in-store, though? Because the washer and fridge that we want are not listed on the website 😦

    • The prices reflected on the website will not be the actual discounted price they give you in person. Best to check with them in-store. I got a fridge for $1050 that’s selling for $1329 at other places like Best and Courts!

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