HSH file

HSH stands for Home Sweet Home, not my husband’s initials ok. We were inspired by Kikki K’s Dream Home file that organizes everything you need in a new house. Renovation, appliances, furniture etc. But that file costs SGD$49.90 so husband told me to buy a file and sort of organize our house stuff in a similar manner.

We bought a 1-inch file initially but it got filled up with just the different pockets. Had to replace it with a 3-inch file. Divided into 5 different sections; letters/quotes/drawings, electrical works, appliances, furniture and miscellaneous.

At first, the HDeeBee letters went into the first section. But after collecting keys, those letters went into the original 1-inch file. I only kept stuff like electrical/water points and renovation notes from HDeeBee in the first section.

Our ID, K, came down to take a look at the house with us. Very minor defects found. Found a wall I really hated but he had ideas on how to work around it. So we’ll see. Meeting him again this Sunday to make more choices.

Hopefully my kitchen turns out nice. Most important part of the house. To me, at least.

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