Gold for 2015. Literally.


My bid to remain really on task. Make it bright and bring it everywhere.

Got the Kikki K planner earlier but contemplated between getting some Etsy-printables or just buying off the rack in popular. And yeah I ended up with the one from popular.

I realised I’m not the excessive decorating type of person, but I do need some colour and I have lotsa things to draw. Daily inspirations, newsletter layouts (plenty of rough sketches just for that!), doodles… So I have some washi on standby in one of the pouches and my go-to pens in another pouch.

This will follow me everywhere. In my new workbag for next year. Ergh. Okay. Need to get shoes that match the bag too.

Anyway, the planner has a few dividers but I’m mainly using the weekly, daily, monthly and the to-do sections.

Have a separate planner for my kiddos next year that is fully functional for teachers. That, in another post.

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