It’s January and already so many things have happened.

Work started. Big changes. Morning session is more like 12 hour sessions. Kids are more settled.

House is about 80% done. Need to start getting boxes and start moving things slowly. Excited but also anxious at the same time.

My daughter is speaking in sentences. Sometimes need to tell her to slow down. But I gotta love those moments where she does this

because she wants to accompany me as I do this…


Her motivation? The star stickers! Lol. Didn’t manage to complete the whole page of colouring, but demanded a sticker anyway. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, when did she grow so fast? Dunno where all the time went. I remember her being this small.

And now… She’s such a big girl!




Love you, baby… I’m gonna go and look back at more photos now…


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