Syafrein is the best.

He is such a wonderful father to Hessa. Plays with her, teaches her things, bathes her, gets up at night to make her midnight milk requests (haha!), hugs her, kisses her, remind her how to behave, gives her all the attention she needs. Yes, Hessa is a daddy’s girl. But she is also afraid of disappointing her papa. I used to get jealous that her reaction to her papa is so different from her reaction to me. But I thought, they have such similar traits and really really soft hearts, her papa is the best person to guide her. I step in when she gets too princess-y or whiney. Hurhur.

He is really a great husband. He helps out, he cleans, he nags at me to eat properly, he always make sure we have date nights together, he fetches me from my classes nearly every single time, he’s taken on most of the new house cleaning while I get my work/assignments done, he makes sure that he is there for me when I need him. His family is great and my parents really treat him like their own son, he got his birthday present 4 months early(!).

Even now, he quickly reminds Hessa how to show her empathy whenever I’m vomiting into a bag. He makes sure I eat, especially after my night classes. He lets me sleep when I’m not well. He tries to make sure I get food that I’m craving for. He still says he loves me when I’m all out of shape.

Yes, there’s another baby on the way and I couldn’t be more contented. If you have seen the way Syafrein treats Hessa and other kids, you would know he’s a really great daddy.

It’s a bit early to say this, but Happy Birthday darling husband of mine. You’re the best. I love you.

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