Leaky *oo*s And Itchy Skin

I dunno if I’m just happier or the baby is just giving me wonderful endorphins the whole day. My colleagues are amazed by the change in character from the previous pregnancy. 

Appetite is great! Previously, barely ate enough for myself. Lol. Only downside now is the pregnancy eczema I get. Trigger? Dust! Seafood! 😱 First trimester, no sweet stuff or I’d hurl. Second trimester is this. Allah give me lots of sabr please… 

Sleep so well I snore now. Hahahaha! Previously, I cannot sleep at all until 4am. More energy too, coz I sleep well and even sleep earlier than Hessa most nights. But I get more stuff done at work so it’s a big bonus. Weehee!

The boobies, though. They are on overdrive. Started leaking about a few weeks back. The ache, oh man! I’m wringing them out every morning and night. Hurhur. If I’m bathing with Hessa, she tries to copy me. πŸ˜‚

Prepping her mentally that she will be a Kakak, so we remind her that she will have an Adik. It helps that she accepts everything and talks to my tummy every now and then. Seems she really wants to avoid upsetting me these days, I just need to pout and she will say “You’re ok, you’re ok, don’t (be) sad.” Or this morning when I asked for hugs and kisses and she was pretending to walk away, I pretended to cry and she quickly came back and said “Dah, dah.” Kissed me and even patted my head! Awwww! Insya’Allah, you will be a great big sister. 


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