First night at the Syafreins’ abode…

We decided to sleep over yesterday and went to look for a suitable bedding set. Thankfully Metro was having a sale. 

We were wondering around unsure of what to get until we saw a few brands that seemed likely. Our first bedding set, was provided by Facelift for the bridal room for the wedding, and they used Hallmark. Veryyyyy comfy! We wanted something like that. Despite the sale, we didn’t want to put a hole in our pockets. Main thing was that we wanted it to be more than 500TC. 

The husband stumbled upon this pretty lil brand that had really whimsically lacy and ruffles for some of their designs and just perfect plain ones. Best of all a complete set, with duvet cover, was less that $130 after discount. It was 900TC! There was also no diff between the plain sets or those with simple embroidery. 

Follow that up with new pillows and comforter and we’re all set. Spent the night without Hessa (she was all too happy to be left with her Oma) and it was really blissful rest. It was so comfortably smooth and cooling, husband spent some time trying to get used to the ultra-smooth sheets. I? Knocked out, snoring. Lol. 

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