Home sweet home

Still left with a few more things for la casa. Coffee table, side table, rugs and/or carpet for living room. Tables, shelves, chair for the home office. Side table and vanity for MBR. Setting up of play area for Hessa’s room. 

Dining set arrived a few days ago and I’m just sooooo in love! Went to so many places and all just didn’t feel… Right. Our last resort was C&B and boy, did our eyes go 😍😍😍. Sneaks on the instagram. 

Same day the dining set arrived was the day I cooked 2 dishes. And today, made baked spaghetti. Feeling very the domesticated. Heheh! Was finally able to do laundry too. Sat in front of the machine and prayed no pipes were choked. Alhamdulillah! All’s well! Haha! 

Got my eye set on a few more things… Not needs but would be great to have…

Hurhur… Shopping for the home makes me more excited nowadays! 

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