It’s a… 


So looks like there may be a #3. Huahuahua… Ok, not any time soon ok Syafrein. Wasn’t so excited to be looking at baby stuff until we knew gender. But now, now I’m excited. 😁

First up, definitely need a baby carrier. Still so miffed we lost our ergobaby. Then since we’ll be babywearing, and with Hessa in tow, yes, I want a backpack. Specifically, this one…


Gorgeous! They have this Legacy collection and in other shapes and sizes which are just as gorgeous too! Ok, Syafrein bought a skiphop diaper bag but it’s a sling and it’s actually not as roomy as we thought it’d be. Neither is it pretty. I ended up putting Hessa’s stuff in my longchamp bags. Totally love the fact that they have matching insulator bags and bibs and ok… Sounding a bit preggy-psycho but it’s just all so prettyyyyyyyy! 

Only problem so far is that it doesn’t ship direct and the places that are selling it here are kinda oos. Pfft. 

Crib and playpen are settled, strollers also. Sterilizers also settled. One in each home. Huahuahua. Newborn clothes and stuff definitely need to buy. Thinking of just getting a whole bunch from Carter’s. Then ship the whole set over here. Hmmm. 

Ok definitely making a wishlist. For baby stuff mostly (can also be named as stuff a vain mother would love). 😁

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