Sisters’ Day Out

I just had to have my Triple Nutella from fluff so since the husband was busy and working long hours, got my sister to accompany me. 

Oh btw, I’ve never been to Yellow Submarine so getting to taste their fries was absolutely yummmmmmy! We had that for lunch before heading to fluff. Thankfully headed to fluff straight after lunch coz it was sold out by 3.30-ish! 😱 Guy in front of us bought 22 cupcakes! We bought… 3. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

Then we headed to Bugis+ to collect our movie tickets. Avengers! And the lil one in my tummy was kept happy by all sorts of food and snacks. My sister is amazed by the amount of food I eat. Sneakily ate the cupcake at CBTL coz we couldn’t find seats anywhere else! Hurhur!

Been getting random comments from my colleagues about how I look further along than 5+ months. Like how my tummy suddenly popped into view. Still not getting seats on the train though, hmmphh. I’m definitely much bigger than when I was preggy with Hessa. Sleeping better and really eating so much more. But the last appt  weight measurement, I only gained about 3kg. I look like I’ve gained more though. Gynae mentioned this one is gonna be a big one… 

Hessa seems to be coming along just fine in the being a big sister department. Had a few friends over and she enjoys Baby Sarah most. Helped to pat the baby to sleep and to wipe away all the baby drool. Laughing merrily whenever the baby blew wet raspberries. I even got her a book, since she loves books, about being a big sister. 

She says she’s Kakak now. 😍 

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