Ju-ju-be Be set and Fuel Cell

Ok, I caved in to temptation and got myself the Be set and the Fuel Cell, both in the Duchess print this time. 

So the Be set comes in 3 different-sized pouches and 2 straps; a wristlet strap and a long strap that’s more for cross body. 

I packed the largest one with wipes, tissues, diapers and mosquito patches.  Just a Hessa essentials bag for now. 


 The medium pouch, I used it for my own things. 🙂 Staff pass, csc card, red pen, blue pen, phone charger, phone, earpiece, thumbdrives, small tin of pins and brooches, home keys and some money. I attached the long strap so it’s something that is actually on me all the time. 


Yeah it fits everything stated and can still zip well. 😁😁😁 Colleagues saw me carrying it around and commented on how convenient it was to have everything nearby. Especially since we walk around a lot, need our hands to carry other things, a crossbody bag is great! Can even swap the large pouch with the medium one if you have more things to carry. 😁

I use the small pouch as a card holder and Hessa’s hair accessories holder. 

There are packing videos available on YouTube about how other mummies, usually US-based, pack their diaper bags and how they use their Be sets. 

So far, the fuel cell has not been in use. I got it in advance for transporting AdikH’s milk or to carry my pump around. Hurhur. 

I’m actually waiting for the Countess to be available in the Be set. Can’t have too many multi-functional pouches, can you? 😂


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