More items off the list! 

My pump arrived last week and I had a few silly moments together with a colleague coz we were both wondering how to charge our M1s. 😂😂😂 Totally didn’t help that the manual is in Korean. So far, so good, it’s quite small, quiet and the suction is good! 👍 Got myself the T-connector and another breast shield set so I can pump both sides at a time. 

Eyeing a black double compartment Autumnz cooler bag. But that one can get later la. Together with all the breast milk storage bags/containers. And nursing bras. Any recommendations? Really have no idea where I kept my old ones… Hmmm. 

Used my JJB Be Prepared today and I’m seriously so happy about it. Gotta love the mummy pocket and the key fob provided. No more digging around for my keys! Anyway, loving my Be large set piece. Can’t wait to try out the Be Quick. Heheh! 

My last visit to the gynae was uneventful but my mum found it an experience coz I made her take public and the shuttle bus with me and Hessa. Lol! Guess who enjoyed the visit the most? Yup, Hessa! 


She totally treated the TPS waiting area like her home. 😅 

Good news, Adik has gone head down as compared to her breech position before. Bad news, she’s head down, very low and engaged. No wonder I’ve been waddling around. And all the pains, 😱. Been getting dizzy spells and breathless super easy lately. A walk to work from my mum’s place used to take 5 minutes. Now it takes 10-15 minutes and I’m still breathless half an hour later. 

Supposed to use the hols to rest but there’s just sooooo much to do. I keep telling myself to just take it a day at a time. Some days are good, some days I’m just in bed and le husband takes over the house. He even cooks! Haha, he says it’s fun. 😘

I’m tired and pale a lot, which really sucks. But that drive or instinct to get everything I can done asap before adik arrives is really strong. Please stay inside and cook a lil longer ok Adik? End of July or early August seems good, same birthday as me pun ok. 


4 thoughts on “More items off the list! 

  1. heh if u dont mind i have a blue/grey autumnz double bag to give away actually! let me know if u want it i can keep it aside for you 🙂

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