Waving the white flag

34 weeks and I’m officially on hospitalization leave. Wanted to stick it out at work for longer but actually not possible with all the cramps and pains and whatnots. 

AdikH is measuring at 2.6kg while the normal average weight is actually 2.1kg. And yes, that 0.5kg makes a load of difference. From the pressure to the amount of pain from whichever nerve she is lying on. Could hardly walk or get up at times. She has dropped so low and I got some weird feeling cramps yesterday. 

Ok enough is enough la eh. Also think I over exerted myself on Friday and Saturday. Haiz. So yes, went waddling slowly back to TPS to get my leave. Cannot tahan. 

Got my Ju-ju-be Pinky Swear loot yesterday and I’m sooo happy. It’s a really pretty print… Got 2 sets of the baglets or Be sets and one had slightly crooked alignment. Oh well.  

Pardon the tummy shot. Heheheh. There’s a Super Be in the same print but it’s super big. Lol. Not sure if I wanna keep it for use or to sell it off. Still thinking about it… Will be putting up a packing/what’s in my bag blog post if I have the time…


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