Rocking Chair Makeover

  A few years back Hessa rocked herself to sleep in this very rocking chair /glider at husband’s aunt’s house. Well, she’s shifting house and the glider was gifted to us. 😁 

Once we had it in the house though, it wasn’t such an easy task. It didn’t match any of our decor/rooms. I wanted it in the girls’ room so I could keep an eye on Hessa while I’m putting AdikH to sleep or nursing her. 

Confident giler tau nak refurbish the chair sendiri. All coz of pinterest. Lol. Saw this and that and this. Then I realized something… I’m still pregnant. Lol! Gotta be less ambitious. 

So first stop is spotlight. If there’s no cushions that fit, I gotta make my own and err, not looking forward to hand-stitching coz I don’t have a sewing machine! 😱

Thankfully, husband spotted two thick cushions. And I mean 3″ thick box cushions. Not cheap but makes my life easier already. 


So I’m left with that skirting thingy to remove and the whole chair to spray to a colour we like. Maybe even remove the wings, looking a bit too ol’skool there. 

Took the back and the arms off. 

It was a process and a half just trying to remove the skirting… 😥 The staples were too deeply embedded in the wood to remove and the wood was raw! 

Yeahhhhh. Wasn’t too happy about it. But ok still salvageable. Just need to buy white cloth to cover and staple before spraying. Then after da habis spraying the whole chair, can staple over grey cloth that matches the cushions. 

Yup, that called for another trip to Spotlight. 

After spraying! And yeah I purposely covered the top and put extra foam on it, just to make sure it lasts longer. So once the paint dries, I check to make sure it’s evenly sprayed and then I can cut the grey fabric to be stapled onto the seat. Hoorayyyy! It’s coming together!

And it’s done! Yeay me and hubby (for spraying the chair)!!! 




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