Anytime now…

Dear AdikH,

Mama has packed her hospital bag. And repacked it. All your things have been carefully labelled in ziplocks so your papa can find it easily. Mama’s things have also been packed into ziplocks. 

Kakak Hessa is very excited to meet you. She says she wants to play with you. Mama and papa have even gotten  your kakak a bag full of small gifts to make sure she feels happy and not overwhelmed when you are out. Things like a small bag of art stuff, stickers, puzzles, snacks, a bubble set. Her big sister kit at the hospital, we called it.

Kakak has been a lil clingier lately, insisting on knowing where I am at all times. But she’s been a real champ at making me feel good. “Are u ok today mama? Don’t be scared of doctor ok? Adik, don’t make mama sakit. Mama, I’m here ok?” We watched some birth videos the other day and she was so amazed. Hahahaha! 

Some people say if you get a lot of heartburn or pee a lot, it means that you will have a baby with a head full of hair. Hurhur. Well, definitely lots of heartburn and peeing. 

I’m just waiting for constant pains coz there’s no way I’m going to spend 24 hours strapped to the hospital bed again. So be a good girl adik and come out soon… 



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