Hana Selena 

So remember I said husband was nesting? Yeah, I set up the playpen thingy by myself the next day. Thought maybe I strained my back so I took a rather long nap in the afternoon. As I was slowly waking up, I felt a small gush. 😳 Was wondering if I peed so decided to go to the toilet… 

More came out as I hurried to the toilet and it didn’t stop. Steady trickle of fluids. My mother went into panic mode coz my husband wasn’t there to send me straight to the delivery suite. Hurhur. I was super relaxed and told her I need to bathe and I don’t have contractions yet anyway. But mothers being mothers, kept fussing. 

Smsed my gynae and he happily told me he’s around so just come straight to delivery suite. By the time husband reached Jurong, I had some contractions but nothing so regular. Maybe instinct to keep moving around, just fiddling with the stuff I packed last minute, didn’t feel the pain so much.

Everyone kept saying baby #2 was gonna be out faster but I was still holding on to the fact that Hana will not be out that fast. We made a stop at the petrol station and I even got to eat chocolates while otw to KKH. Lol! Perangai. 

Husband wanted to drop me off at the 24-hr clinic but I told him he might as well go straight to carpark since I’m ok and I think I can still walk. Yup I walked to delivery suite. Lol! Walked in, handed papers over, said I have water leaking and they checked me in.

Guess what… It wasn’t my waterbag. Apparently there’s another layer of membranes and that was the one that ruptured. So already 3cm and they called my gynae, he told them to go ahead break my waterbag and induce me. Minute I heard induce, I asked for epidural. Please ah, not going through another episode of screaming coz I couldn’t control the pain. 

Pretty uneventful coz once epidural was in, water bag broken and induced, took about 5 hours to fully dilate. Much shorter than #1. I even managed to laugh at my gynae coz he came in with bed head. Took about 5 minutes of pushing and Hana Selena was out. 

Expected her to be much bigger but she was 2.8kg only. Tu takpe, she started turning her head left and right and lifting her legs. Kuat nye! 

And yes, she’s a milk monster. 

2.8kg > 2.75kg > 3.15kg > 3.39kg > 3.65kg > 3.75kg


Hana & Hessa

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