Pony crazy

My eldest has jumped onto the My Little Pony bandwagon. Insists on watching the episodes everytime we are at Segar. She can watch them repeatedly. 

Last week, after sending the husband off at the airport, we went to Vivo. Spent some time in ToysRUs and BuildABear. 

Hessa was definitely not easy to please. She wanted a specific one – Princess Celestia. None at ToysRUs. 

Headed to BuildABear and Hana got so excited! Since her birthday just passed, we got her a MLP. Hessa helped her with the whole process. But she said clearly, “I want Princess Celestia mama.”

Gosh. Asked the staff and she said those were past releases and they don’t have stock any more. Sigh. Told Hessa I would try but no promises. 

As we were paying, this lil girl and her mum walked past with 2 ponies in a big paper bag. It was Fluttershy and another pony. I didn’t know they came with optional outfits! My mum and Hessa went “Waaahhhh!!!”

So yeah, I knew the outfits had to be part of the set too. Tried locally first and found a Princess albeit being Twilight Sparkle. Seller had Twilight and Pinkie Pie in their outfits with tags on. Got those at a steal.

Then came the difficult one. Princess Celestia was definitely not available locally anymore so I had to find her using Amazon. Yes, direct from states aku sanggup order coz Hessa loves her so much. Didn’t make sense to just order one so I got Princess Luna too. No outfits though. That one I scoured though ebay. 

Collected Twilight and PinkiePie earlier. Dunno if Hessa saw them but definitely not giving the ponies to her until her birthday.

Keeping my fingers crossed she doesn’t ask for Princess Cadence next. 

The lengths a mum goes to just to make her daughter happy… 


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