Hair woes II

More hair style choices. Dunno which one to choose…
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What’s in my travel makeup bag?


Hi everyone, was feeling bored from waiting for the husband to get back home and to distract myself from contractions/braxton hicks/etc. So I decided to do an entry about what’s in my travel makeup bag…

Obviously, I can’t fit my Naked 2 palette and sigma brushes into the pouch but this is basically what goes with me when we go back to his place every weekend. I don’t think I can live without the brushes or the Naked 2 palette so they are a MUST!

Here is what is inside the makeup pouch…


Firstly, tools! I found that keeping inside this little ziplock bag makes the things easier to find. We don’t have the Beautyblender sold widely here in Singapore so I just use the Sephora alternative. It still works just fine for me. =) Basically, sponges, a powder puff, eyelash curler, tweezers, sharpener and fake lashes glue. Important tools!


Secondly, prepping the face before makeup is applied. I’ve mentioned this before, I can’t live without my Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base. For flawless application of makeup, I use the prep and prime from MAC. I don’t use this every time though… Only on special occasions.


Thirdly, eyes! I have MAC’s penultimate liner but I think its drying out a lil bit. Hmm. 2 Estee Lauder pencil liners, very creamy and soft! I use NYX’s eyebrow pencil when I’m feeling lazy…


Mascaras! Hahahaha… Yes, I’ve got 3 tubes in my makeup bag. I tend to reach for the Benefit mascara but when I’m in a hurry, any of the Maybelline ones will do as well. Both are quite good but I really LOVE the Benefit They’re Real! mascara. Makes my lashes stand out…


Face stuff! Weekends, I tend to use the Bobbi Brown foundation stick, blended with a damp sponge and set with the loose powder or MAC’s pressed powder. Normal days, I just use MAC’s studio fix. Err, sometimes, I don’t even bother with that. No probs with going out bare-faced. I’m using MAC’s pro longwear concealer and favourite blush of all time, Rose Nuance from Estee Lauder. I do look very scary without concealer/powder but sometimes, the skin just needs to breatheeeeee. =P


Lips! Its kind of a miracle that I have only 3 lip products in this bag coz I usually have LOADS more. A girl’s gotta have options yo. I love the smell of the Sugar lipbalm and it keeps my lips from cracking. Lipstick, I tend to change it around depending on my mood. Currently, I’m obsessed with Syrup from MAC. I reach for a gloss when I don’t feel like wearing balm or lipstick.

Those are all the things in my makeup pouch and sometimes I wonder how I can even zip it up! *grins*


Naked 2 palette! I can’t seem to stop reaching for this. It has all the necessary colours to go from day to night, from simple to glamorous. Definitely a worthwhile purchase. Here’s a closer look…


The dual-ended brush that comes with the palette is excellent quality stuff, rivalling my Sigma brushes. I love how all the eyeshadows come full-sized. I don’t like buying single eyeshadows, kinda think they’re a waste of money when you can get palettes like these. Much more economical and I don’t have to waste space for single eyeshadows.

So yeah, I think that’s all… Once the lil one gets here, we’ll see if my makeup bag gets bigger or smaller. One thing for sure, I’m definitely locking up my train case once she’s able to reach and “explore” the room. =p

Take care everyone and remember, when it comes to makeup, Sharing is Caring!

Makeup Haul


Quite a backdated post coz I did this Sephora haul a few days before Raya. Syafrein picked me up from school and we headed straight to Sephora. Made full use of my birthday vouchers from him and I was so so so glad for them! Save my $$$!

So basically I needed to get lashes, sponges, a good mascara and a brush cleanser. On impulse, I grabbed the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Heh. Thankfully my wonderful darling sister said she would reimburse me for the palette as a birthday gift. Wheeee!

There’s a review entry coming up for the Naked 2 palette coming soon… So watch out for it! The Sigma brushes are still under testing so you’d have to wait a bit longer for that…

Ta-taa for now!