Leaky *oo*s And Itchy Skin

I dunno if I’m just happier or the baby is just giving me wonderful endorphins the whole day. My colleagues are amazed by the change in character from the previous pregnancy. 

Appetite is great! Previously, barely ate enough for myself. Lol. Only downside now is the pregnancy eczema I get. Trigger? Dust! Seafood! 😱 First trimester, no sweet stuff or I’d hurl. Second trimester is this. Allah give me lots of sabr please… 

Sleep so well I snore now. Hahahaha! Previously, I cannot sleep at all until 4am. More energy too, coz I sleep well and even sleep earlier than Hessa most nights. But I get more stuff done at work so it’s a big bonus. Weehee!

The boobies, though. They are on overdrive. Started leaking about a few weeks back. The ache, oh man! I’m wringing them out every morning and night. Hurhur. If I’m bathing with Hessa, she tries to copy me. 😂

Prepping her mentally that she will be a Kakak, so we remind her that she will have an Adik. It helps that she accepts everything and talks to my tummy every now and then. Seems she really wants to avoid upsetting me these days, I just need to pout and she will say “You’re ok, you’re ok, don’t (be) sad.” Or this morning when I asked for hugs and kisses and she was pretending to walk away, I pretended to cry and she quickly came back and said “Dah, dah.” Kissed me and even patted my head! Awwww! Insya’Allah, you will be a great big sister. 



It’s January and already so many things have happened.

Work started. Big changes. Morning session is more like 12 hour sessions. Kids are more settled.

House is about 80% done. Need to start getting boxes and start moving things slowly. Excited but also anxious at the same time.

My daughter is speaking in sentences. Sometimes need to tell her to slow down. But I gotta love those moments where she does this

because she wants to accompany me as I do this…


Her motivation? The star stickers! Lol. Didn’t manage to complete the whole page of colouring, but demanded a sticker anyway. Tsk tsk.

Anyway, when did she grow so fast? Dunno where all the time went. I remember her being this small.

And now… She’s such a big girl!




Love you, baby… I’m gonna go and look back at more photos now…

Toy fair, venues, weddings, oh my!

Hi everyone!

There’s a marvelous branded toy fair at SAFR/A Jurong here till Sunday! Hurhur. Ok, it started yesterday and my SIL already called me super early to come and buy stuff for Hessa. She even called Hessa’s nanny and atok. Nanny and Atok came, they picked up Hessa and Oma and toy shopping they went! Prices range from $5 onwards but you have to be prepared to literally grab what you want. (Ada ramai orang bawak bag class, baju business, but perangai sugguh tak class langsung!)

Even Syafrein and I got into the action after work. Hahaha. Got a gym for the baby coz she likes lying flat on her back instead of being on her tummy. Hoping this will encourage her to crawl.

Then SIL took us on a tour of SAFR/A’s facilities coz we were considering using that location for Hessa’s birthday! Ade kids amaze, their normal function rooms, bbq pits, poolside party room… Ok, obviously yang paling excited is mummy la! Hurhurhur. Since SIL works there, hoping to get a nice staff price for whichever facility we choose. Syafrein has his own ideas about catering. I have my plans for candy/dessert bar and the theme/colours. Exciting!

My sister saw me browsing through etsy/pinterest(my 2 fav sites!) in February and said I’m crazy. Lol! Don’t care! I want a wonderful party experience for her! Even managed to rope in my darling Rinabanana, who of course knows the importance of planning early. Would have roped in more help, but 3 of my 4 closest gfs are gonna be quite busy. Heh.

Speaking of Rinabanana, I’m looking forward to tomorrow and sundayyyyy! Plus the fact I am super tak malu and can eat all the soto I want tomorrow. Lol. But I came to work so please someone remind me to stop eating ah!

Everybody Talks

Woke up to being squeezed to the edge of the bed by Hessa, remembered I still have a blog and actually had to try remember my WordPress password. Darn you workplace, with changing passwords every 90 days! I’m all confused. Bah.


It’s been a really busy/hectic/manic/exhausting past 10 weeks since the year started. Bear with me.

My baby! She is super expressive, I tell you. Love her smiles and laughs and cheeky faces. I even love the way she juts out that lower lip when she’s not happy. Huahuahua! Hessa is what we term as “lembut hati” or something along those lines. If you see her, please please please don’t scream or shout. She doesn’t like noisy people. She gets overwhelmed. Smile, keep smiling and approach gently.

Hessa. She babbles so much now. Wonder when she can call me mummy instead of mama. She wakes up and babbles to her soft toys. Every morning when I hear it I can’t help but smile. She goes everywhere with her blanky. Her eyes light up when I come back from work. She sings. I always wish I’m at home when my mum sends me photos/videos of Hessa’s antics while I’m at work. There’s always something to learn everyday because of her.

The other love in my life, had his birthday a few weeks back. Coincidentally there was a long weekend so we could have a short lil staycation. Despite being on just a simple staycation, we managed to go shopping for Hessa’s things. By the way Syafrein, 1 more year to being 3-0! Muahahaha!

Work-wise, I’ve been coping quite well. Despite staying up to finish work and being distracted by Hessa, I guess the worst was forgetting my weekly lesson plan. Heh. Really enjoying my class this year. Love them all! Even managed to redesign the progress report for the level this year.

I’ve got a few projects coming up, just waiting for items to arrive. More promotions will be done once the projects are completed. Pretty pretty things…

What else? Hmmm. Oh yes! I applied for UniSIM BAEL, like finally. Checked out the modules, made a timeline, target deadline and sent in the application. Must try to finish before Hessa turns 4. Just tired of getting paid so little for the same, if not more, amount of work as the others.

Lots of happy news and things to look forward to in the upcoming weeks. Will try to update the posts with photos once the school hols start!

Alrighty. Rambling update done.