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Dear Life

As the days pass by, my baby keeps growing. So many things to learn from her. She gives new meaning to the word “love”. They say you never know how much your parents love you until you become one yourself. I never knew this lil human being can bring so much emotions to me.

Her cries are always something we worry about. Does she need to have her diaper changed? Or is she hungry? Is she feeling gassy or does she just want to be cuddled? Learnt lil tips and tricks that cater specially to this lil one. Bathtime used to be a crying episode. Now she cries after she gets out of the tub, enjoying the water too much. Hahaha!

She started cooing and babbling recently. It just melts the heart when she smiles her gummy smile and responds to what we say. Do all babies have “smiley eyes”? It’s just so adorable to see how her eyes light up when she sees someone she knows.

For me personally, sleep time is the best time for me and her. She loves having body contact and prefers using me as her pillow and mattress above others. Seeing that innocent face sleeping and snuggling close to me, priceless.

Everyday, my first thought is of her. When I’m out, I’m always wondering what she’s doing and if she’s fussing. I pray the best for her everyday in every single prayer. Funny how this small person means so much in such a short time.

I hope life will be kind to her. Or at the very least meaningful. Above all, I hope she will one day understand how much I love her, more than life itself.